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Owl City - Vanilla Twilight (Official Music Video)

The music video for "Vanilla Twilight" premiered on March 22, 2010. The video uses the album version of the song and features a cameo appearance by Shaquille O'Neal.[2] The video was directed by Steve Hoover and was filmed on location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and at the Marblehead Lighthouse in Ohio.[3]

Owl City - Vanilla Twilight (Official Music Video)


The video shows various people and a dog witness in awe, staring at a swirling mammatus cloud formation associated with a squall line. It has a well-defined vortex which is lit by a veiled sun on an overcast day after a snowfall has blanketed the area, displaying a vanilla twilight. Midway through the video the storm and a lighthouse glimmer with aurora colors. Towards the end of the video O'Neal lifts his arms towards the cloud and mouths "Take me with you".

So I guess we should watch a random music video and see if Shaq happens to pop up. Let's pick something that has a really low chance of Shaq being in it, like, how about "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City from 2010, directed by Steve Hoover.

What the hell is he doing in this music video? It's not like any of the other people looking up are famous or recognizable. Not that I want to limit the music that Shaq listens to, but he released multiple hip hop albums, for some reason I never put him and Owl City in the same thought until now. What is going on?

Naturally, we went looking for answers as to why Shaq is in this video. The most plausible explanation is offered up by Yahoo! Sports, which suspects that one of the reasons could be "when [Shaq] heard he got to go to an 'Owl City video shoot,' he thought he was going to an actual city inhabited by owls".

But actual reasons are hard to come by, save for this interview with Owl City frontman Adam Young jokingly saying he'd like to collaborate with Shaq. It's telling that when you google "shaq owl city" pretty much all you get are articles wondering why Shaq is in this video, so we're going to let the mystery lie where it sleeps. Shine on Shaq, shine on.

I'll find repose in new waysThough I haven't slept in two days'Cause cold nostalgia chills me to the boneBut drenched in vanilla twilightI'll sit on the front porch all nightWaist deep in thought because whenI think of you I don't feel so alone

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