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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University Books: A Review of the Latest Editions and Updates

How to Find the Best Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University Books for Your Course

If you are a student or a teacher of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University (BRAOU), you might be wondering how to find the best books for your course. BRAOU is a pioneer in open and distance education in India, with a wide network of 206 study centers spread throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. The university offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certificate courses in different disciplines.


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One of the challenges of studying with BRAOU is finding the right books for your course. Unlike conventional universities, BRAOU does not have a prescribed textbook for each course. Instead, it provides course material online, which you can download from its website. The course material consists of self-learning units, audio and video lessons, assignments and question papers.

However, the course material alone may not be enough to prepare you for the exams or to enhance your knowledge and skills. You may need additional books to supplement your learning and to get a deeper understanding of the subject. But how do you find the best books for your course? Here are some tips to help you:

  • Check the syllabus and objectives of your course. The syllabus will give you an overview of what topics are covered in your course and what learning outcomes are expected from you. The objectives will help you identify the key concepts and skills that you need to master.

  • Search for books that match your syllabus and objectives. You can use online platforms like Google Books, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. to search for books by title, author, publisher or ISBN. You can also use keywords related to your course or subject to narrow down your search.

  • Read the reviews and ratings of the books. Reviews and ratings can help you evaluate the quality and relevance of the books. You can read what other readers have said about the books, how they found them useful or not, what are their strengths and weaknesses, etc.

  • Compare the prices and availability of the books. Prices and availability may vary depending on the platform, edition, format and delivery options. You can compare the prices and availability of different books and choose the ones that suit your budget and convenience.