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Son Of Satyamurthy Full BETTER Movie With English Subtitles 93

9 minutes are left before Sambasiva Rao's deadline; as Anand and Devaraj duel, Anand's mother enters. Devaraj and his family are shocked, remembering that Satyamurthy was fatally injured when he saved Valli from an accident planned by Veerasamy. Before he died, Satyamurthy told Valli that he made a mistake selling illegally acquired land to his friend and wanted to rectify it with the landlord. Devaraj and Sambasiva Rao are full of remorse, and Devaraj returns the land documents to Anand by Satyamurthy's last wish. Anand gives the papers to Sambasiva Rao, who apologizes for his behavior and Sameera reunites with him. Veerasamy dies in an accident and Koda Rambabu is spared.

Son Of Satyamurthy Full Movie With English Subtitles 93

Although the dubbed Malayalam version was also entitled S/O Satyamurthy, the dubbed Tamil and Kannada versions were scrapped for fiscal reasons and it was released in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka with English subtitles.[30] Arjun began dubbing his role in early January,[31] and post-production was scheduled to resume in late February.[32] The actor resumed dubbing on 7 March, after returning from Spain.[33]

Sai Gopal, who had assisted Srinivas since Swayamvaram (1999), orchestrated S/O Satyamurthy's promotion.[124] Although the film was expected to preview in December 2014,[125] its preliminary preview was released on 6 March 2015 (the night before Holi).[126] The preview featured sixteen actors, including the leads (whose faces were blurred), and the film's logo was muted. In a press release, the producers announced that the film's promotion would be in full swing at the soundtrack release party, with party passes awarded to those predicting the sixteen actors on the preview poster.[127]

S/O Satyamurthy had a lukewarm reception from critics, with the International Business Times calling the film a "mass entertainer" and criticising its predictability and length.[171] According to Sangeetha Devi Dundoo of The Hindu, "We've seen enough films with characters placed in the villain's den. Thankfully, the drama is lively and fun moments come through Ali and Brahmanandam. Allu Arjun shoulders the film with his remarkable performance and seems to be getting better with each film. The film's biggest undoing is its length. A trimmer version would be far more engaging".[108] Pranitha Jonnalagedda of The Hans India wrote, "No denying that there are moments of crazy laughter, witty remarks and some thought-provoking words, but Trivikram's benchmark is set so high that the writing of this film doesn't excite us enough. All said and done, if you are a lover of a Telugu cinema who enjoys watching the hero being the Good Samaritan and fancy a few tear-jerking moments, this film is definitely for you!"[172] IndiaGlitz gave S/O Satyamurthy 4.25 out of five stars, calling the film a "family entertainer sans memorable heroism" and adding that its second half "will work with a good many number of audience".[104] Madhavi Tata of Outlook India gave the film three out of five stars, writing that Trivikram's screenplay "has too many sub-plots, but the dialogues sparkle, especially when mouthed by veteran actors". Tata called the film's humour a "big draw", with the best saved for Brahmanandam.[173] Hemanth Kumar of The Times of India gave S/O Satyamurthy three out of five stars, writing that the film "works well as an idea, and leaves you with enough questions and thoughts to reflect upon your own life, but as a cinematic experience, it leaves a lot to be desired".[106] Pravallika Anjuri of Oneindia also gave the film three out of five stars, calling it a "perfect entertainer" despite being the "weakest work of Trivikram till date": "Nevertheless it is shall be a great fun to watch Son of Satyamurthy along with your family. Cut down the expectations and you will definitely love the movie".[174] Behindwoods gave it 2.75 out of five stars: "Without a concrete villain, [the film] still manages to tell us the painful journey of the hero. Thanks to the powerful and meaningful dialogues in the voice-over, [the film] becomes a charming drama", calling it a "family drama that also entertains" and "another winner for the Trivikram-Allu Arjun combo".[175]

Suresh Kavirayani of Deccan Chronicle gave S/O Satyamurthy 2.5 out of five stars: "Trivikram has continued the Attarintiki Daredi trend of rich-kid-giving-up-luxuries in this film too. But, the hallmark of the director is missing from this movie. The punch dialogues associated with his films are missing and the screenplay is so-so".[176] Karthik Keramalu of CNN-IBN also gave the film 2.5 out of five stars, calling it an "inconsistent drama with over-the-top action and a grand message" and adding: "If only the screenplay had matched the quality of Allu Arjun's style, which is impeccably taken care of, Trivikram would have won the S/O Satyamurthy lottery".[107] IANS gave S/O Satyamurthy two out of five stars: "While all the quintessential Trivikram trademark moments can be found in S/O Satyamurthy, what you miss is the magic he created in his career's best film Athadu", adding that the film is a "predictable and sloppy family drama with a few high and mostly low moments".[105]


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