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We Buy Textbooks Near Me

With one simple search we connect you to various companies buying used textbooks online. By comparing textbook buyback prices, we ensure you receive the best prices for your textbooks. Shipping is free and you're often paid the same day your book is received.

we buy textbooks near me

Smith Family Bookstore has been buying and selling used textbooks since 1974. We buy texts all year at our store at 525 Willamette Street. We offer a good option for students who want to sell their books to a local bookstore with reliable customer service. We are confident the prices we pay for used textbooks are fair according to the market information we use and our business needs and goals. We understand the frustration students feel because texts are expensive and often have limited demand. These are not factors we can control. We encourage students to check all their options. We are grateful to the academic community who has supported our local business for decades.

Begin the process early. Our textbooks usually cost less than elsewhere, and they sell quickly. We encourage students to start looking for textbooks as soon as reading lists are available. Students can find novels, poetry, plays, and many secondary readings on our shelves at the Willamette Street store. All other textbooks that we sell are listed on (use links below).

However, there are certainly other textbooks that have nothing to do with your major or that you know you will never open again. If you have these, then selling them will bring many benefits. Here are a few great reasons why you should try this:

Any incremental dollars you use to pay off your debt now will save you a ton of money in future interest expenses. While money from selling your textbooks might not seem like a lot up front, it can certainly help with covering one or two monthly loan payments.

If you still have a few more semesters before graduation, you may want to sell used textbooks to buy new ones. Not only is this a smart financial decision, but it also saves you from using any additional hard-earned dollars that could be spent on other meaningful pursuits.

One of the easiest and quickest ways is to sell your textbooks back to the college bookstore. (If that is where you purchased them from.) It can be a fast way to get cash for your books, however, you probably will not get paid top dollar this way.

Facebook offers numerous ways to get your textbook out there, with the best being Facebook Marketplace. When you list your textbooks on Facebook Marketplace, they are visible to anyone on Marketplace and in search, and on and off Facebook.

Another great textbook comparison option is ValoreBooks. The site lets you enter your ISBN, and then it automatically pulls prices from buyers from all over, making sure you get top dollar for your textbooks.

TextbookRush is an easy way to sell textbooks you don't need anymore. They offer free shipping and a quick payment system. Simply look up your books by their ISBN and get an estimate of how much money you'll make.

This is actually an independent bookstore in Oregon, but you can sell books online, as well, if you don't live nearby. To see if Powell's Books will accept your textbook, you'll enter the ISBN and they'll tell you the price they're willing to pay.

The interiors may need a facelift too. Often with textbooks, you may find yourself writing in them with a pencil from time to time which undoubtedly leaves sketch marks. Smudges and pencil marks can easily be removed with an eraser to give the pages a fresh, clean look.

As you go through the semester, be mindful not to eat or drink around the book to minimize the risk of spillage and book stains. Thinking ahead by keeping your books clean and in good condition can be the best way to sell textbooks later.

Possibly the best way to sell textbooks is to understand how much your books are worth. First, you can do basic research by looking up the textbook online and seeing what the price is for a used copy in a similar condition.

Every college student knows the heavy burden of books, and this question is especially burdensome: What to do with used textbooks at the end of the semester? If you are based in Los Angeles, we have a list of the best places to sell used textbooks for the most profit. Check them out and decide which option suits you best!

We work directly with OSU faculty members to make sure we have in stock exactly what you need to be successful in your classes. If convenience is your thing, ordering your textbooks from the University Store online is easy, plus you can have them delivered for a minimal shipping fee or choose our fast, free and convenient in-store pickup option.

Unlike shopping anywhere else, students who are enrolled for the current academic term and who do not have a hold on their bursar account may charge up to $1,500 per semester at the University Store for textbooks and other academically-related materials. Charges for the fall semester begin Monday, August 2, 2022, and charges for the spring semester begin Monday, December 19, 2022. Students have the option of charging textbooks to their bursar account both in store and online. If you are purchasing your textbooks online and meet the requirements for charging, the bursar charge button will automatically be displayed as an option at checkout once students have logged in with their O-Key credentials.

Drop a class? Need to return a book? If you purchase your textbooks from the University Store and later find you don't actually need that textbook for whatever reason you can return it within the first 10 days of the semester during the fall or spring, or within the first five days of the semester during the summer, for a full refund as long as you have your receipt. Therefore, we recommend you not write in or unwrap any book until you are sure you will be keeping it for the semester, just in case you need to return it. Don't forget, the last day for full textbook refunds during the spring semester at the University Store is Monday, January 30, 2023. All refunds will be given according to the initial method of payment only.

Why should you buy your textbooks from the University Store? Because the University Store goes beyond the classroom. When you shop at the University Store 100% of your purchases benefit Oklahoma State University and its students. The University Store is owned and operated by Oklahoma State University, and unlike other privately-owned bookstores or online retailers, every purchase made in the University Store stays on campus to fund student programs and services, keeping student fees to a minimum. For instance, the University Store funds almost 75% of the operations of the OSU Student Union, which was recently named the #1 Most Amazing Campus Student Union by

Textbooks for Winter 2023 CoursesStudents taking a winter 2023 course will receive free textbooks. Those who pay their bill by Dec. 16 will have textbooks shipped to them; after this date textbooks are available for pick-up in the Bookstore.

LA City Collegestudents trust LACC Cub Store for new and used textbooks. At LACC CUB STORE you'll get the exact textbooks selected by your instructors at the most competitive prices guaranteed! LACC Cub Store, your official LA City College bookstore. Don't forget, you can buy online and pick up at the store (please make a note in shipping instructions)!

**YOU WILL RECEIVE A CALL OR EMAIL IF BOOKS ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THE TIME WE RECEIVE YOUR ORDER**(please add us to your accepted contacts or the email may go to your spam folder)Out of stock and/or problems with the order will be emailed to you. We will make every effort to fill your order as you have requested but please be aware that Textbooks listed will be substituted used for new and new for used based on availability (We are sorry but inventory is updated nightly and some books might not be available at the time your book(s) are pulled) Prices are subject to change from time of order without notice.What is a store pick up?SAVE TIME-When you reserve your books on line with us, it means you are purchasing those textbooks at that time. We will charge your credit card, pull the textbooks and hold them for you to pick up. Please choose Store Pick Up for shipping.Store Pick Up:$5.00 Web Order Handling Charge will be added to your order upon completion Your credit card will be charged upon filling the order at the bookstore $5.00 Restocking Fee will be charged to your credit card if reservation is not picked up in a timely manner or books are returned. NO EXCEPTIONS! Picture ID must be presented when picking up order. When someone other than yourself is picking up the order, Please insert their name in the "ship to" area at the time of placing the order (they will also need to present a picture ID). Please read the bookstore return policy attached to your receipt.. SAVE YOUR RECEIPT - NO returns or refunds without the current receipt - NO EXCEPTIONS! Returns are accepted 10 days from the start of the two major semesters and 5 days from the start of all minor sessions, short term classes to be determined.RESTOCKING & RETURNED BOOK CHARGES - All LACC Bookstore policies apply to web orders. Please note: "When a "$0.00" price is entered, it means the books have not been received and the bookstore does not have a price for your book.It does not mean the book is free.Disclaimer: We are not responsible for pricing errors and will not honor them. If an error is found, we will notify you of the correct price before we charge your credit card. (Sorry, we can not notify you on new and used book changes because of the volume of orders being processed.) We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. 041b061a72


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