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Ricardo Garrett
Ricardo Garrett

A Call Girl's Story (400).mp4

Stories can offer a bit more personality and authenticity, which goes a long way on Instagram. In your story, post a call to action that asks viewers to check your page for your latest post. This operates as a bit of a teaser and helps to drive more people to your actual page to engage with posts that they might have otherwise not seen.

A Call Girl's Story (400).mp4

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NARRATOR: Just as Kenya stands ready to reap the benefits offalling birth rates, the country is facing a stunning demographic reversal. Forthe first time in modern history, death rates are rising not falling. Six tonine percent of all Kenyans are infected with HIV-AIDS, causing life expectancyto plummet from 65 to 49 years. In Kenya, AIDS and population growth havebecome tragically linked. 041b061a72


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