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Ricardo Garrett
Ricardo Garrett

Uptown Junk

Big basement cleanout in Uptown Manhattan building. The basement was filled with items past tenants would leave. This took about 3 trucks to complete and 7 luggers. We removed all sorts of junk such as wardrobes, chairs, doors, bins, old paintings and some many other miscellaneous items. Considering this was in a basement, the exit strategy of getting the items out and into our truck wasn't too bad.

Uptown Junk

We recently had a new client book an appointment online through our website! It was an apartment cleanout for a moderately large apartment in Inwood. The client needed us to come during a weekday at noon and so we scheduled him for the most recent appointment that fit his availability. Our luggers went over in no time. They managed to remove many items including: a queen size mattress and bed frame, night stands, a wooden dresser, a sofa, a desk, flat screen TVs, portable AC's, and more. After cleaning out the apartment, our client was very satisfied and relieved to return the keys to his apartment without having to endure the physical stress of discarding items from his home. Additionally, he kept all those items out of a landfill!

You may apply for Austin or San Marcos here.AFTER YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION YOU WILL BE CONTACTED VIA EMAIL. If you do not see one after a week, please check your junk/SPAM folder.Uptown Cheapskate is currently searching the market for merchandise buyers. Do you have what it takes to join our elite team? Uptown Cheapskate is a buy, sell, trade sustainable fashion store for young adults. We offer a change of pace from traditional fashion retail by adding the buying element into the usual retail setting. The pace is fast and upbeat. The opportunities to learn and grow are numerous. If you are upbeat, positive, love fashion, love people, love to learn and are looking for a career, we want to meet you! Join a company that offers the community a clothing recycling option and a way to score on current fashion at a great price.

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