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Aaron Robinson
Aaron Robinson

Azure - Can't Steel My Love (High Energy)

Ragna's usual outfit consists of a red, long-sleeved jacket with padded shoulders and multiple silver plates fastened on the arms and sides. Attached to the lapels of his jacket are two black straps with silver buckles that wrap under his arms and intersect at the back, they are connected to his shoulder pads by small gold buttons. On the back of his jacket are a set of two red straps with silver tips hanging from it, which reach down to his ankles. Underneath the jacket is a simple, long-sleeved black shirt with a white trim. He also wears a pair of black gloves which have seithr regulators on the back of them, as well as a black hakama, two large black belts with silver belt buckles and a pair of red boots with steel toecaps.

Azure - Can't Steel my Love (High Energy)



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