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Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson

Cinematic Strings 2.1 Kontakt Torrent File

i was really excited about the final product. within days of the download, i had the beautiful strings section recording, and the rest was a casual drag and drop, just a matter of dragging the instruments into a kontakt instrument rack and playing around with a couple of them. i have no experience with programming, but this was easy and painless for a first attempt. it has been great to be able to make music rather than wrestle with compilation and non-linear recording.

Cinematic Strings 2.1 Kontakt Torrent File

definitely a step up from the standard krk baby! i believe the main problem is that there is no way to download that presets are automatically added at launch. if you dont want to go for the full krk pack you should get them all and put them in a folder in your vst folders, this folder you must add manually and then put in a krk vst folder too. what a bad bussiness they do marketing, buying the pack with demo and not installing it. its a free download, but you shouldnt have to pay for a free update after the download and no possibility to download all presets. so dont waste your money because its a shame to see this library under cannonically/franxx stuff. good luck to you though!

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