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Buying A Car On Ebay

Cars make for quite a sizable monetary investment, but also of time and effort in maintenance and servicing. As such, your buying or selling decision requires a bit of work if you want to ensure that you are making the most of this long-term investment.

buying a car on ebay

An important drawback from buying a car on eBay also involves the process of test driving the car. Unless the car you desire is close by, test driving may become a significant undertaking. This may encourage you to buy before you try, but this we would never recommend. You may find yourself paying for a car that does not suit your lifestyle or is different to your expectation.

Buying a car on eBay puts you in front of a much larger range of vehicles than ever before. This brings with it the possibility of casting a wide net, finding the car of your dreams, and driving it home at a competitive price. However, you need to be prepared to put in extra time and effort into ensuring your car is the right one for you, you are buying safely, and that you are making the most of your investment.

The process of buying a car on eBay is relatively straight forward. The seller will put the vehicle up for sale on the marketplace with all of the required details. At this point, consumers are able to submit bids to try to secure the car.

The safety of purchasing a car on eBay is the biggest draw. eBay car buying is known to be one of the safest methods of purchasing a vehicle on the internet. Their eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection has you covered against fraud and other certain losses.

In regards to the vehicle, each listing will offer an extensive vehicle history report. Read through all the details before buying the car. Consider asking for a professional inspection of the car if they cannot provide any inspection documentation. Also, make sure that the vehicle is in good condition, the title is free and clear and that the price is within your budget.

Online buying has increased dramatically in recent years. A wide array of online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay allow customers to buy just about anything they want: clothing, furniture, housewares, tools, electronics, and even cars.

How eBay Motors works? The eBay car buying process is relatively straightforward, but there are a few important steps to follow to ensure a smooth transaction. Here is a step-by-step guide to buying a car through eBay Motors:

eBay is one of the biggest markets in the world for buying and selling used cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and other vehicles, but should you worried about the possibility of being scammed when buying a car on eBay?

Buying a used car always opens up the possibility of being scammed, and buying a car on eBay is no exception. Many of the same rules apply to buying used cars on eBay as they do anywhere else, but there are certain safeguards and particular things to look out for when buying a car on eBay.

Of course, if you are buying from a trader or a dealership you should be going to their place of business. In some cases though, a trader may not have premises and they could be just working from their home flipping a few cars to make extra bucks. In that case, behave in exactly the same way as you would if you were visiting the home of a private seller.

General Motors is expected to announce a deal that would allow consumers to buy GM vehicles on ebay's online auction site. Buying cars online isn't new, but up until now it's mostly been used cars. GM's deal with eBay is aimed at boosting new car and truck sales.

INSKEEP: Today, General Motors announced a deal that would allow consumers to buy GM vehicles on eBay's online auction site. Now buying cars online is not new, but up to now it's been mostly used cars. Because when you think about used cars, you think about going on the Web and buying something sight unseen. Let's set that aside for now. GM's deal with eBay is aimed at boosting new car and truck sales. It's not considered an end-run around the dealers. The month-long project involves more than 200 dealers in California.

Once you are regularly selling cars on eBay, you might want to consider one of eBay's subscriptions for vehicle dealers. These can save you a substantial amount of money each month. Although their national vehicle subscription program has ended and you won't find many details online, you can get the current deals by contacting them directly at or 866-322-9227.

Has "how to sell my car" entered your thoughts? At PrivateAuto, we believe the process should be hassle-free. That's why we've created a platform designed specifically for buying and selling used vehicles. With our handy tools, you won't have to deal with the hassles of other platforms, and you'll enjoy secure messaging, no advertising fees or expiration, and state documents that you or the buyer can sign online.

Check the listing to find out your options for buying the vehicle or item. You might be able to bid on the item, use the Buy it now option to buy it at a fixed price, make the seller a Best Offer, or buy through a local Classified Ad.

There's no doubt that eBay Motors is a great place to look for a vehicle. With so many listings excellent deals come up all the time. The process of buying is convenient, simple, and they even help you get started. Just by expanding your search beyond your city, town, or even state will provide you with vast inventory of vehicles to pick from. However, unless you are planning to fly or otherwise travel to the vehicle and drive it back, you will need have your eBay vehicle shipped to you.

Unfortunately, the platform is still a victim of regular scamming of people buying a car online, and using caution is always recommended. Basically, there is a degree of monitoring involved, but it's not a guarantee you won't get scammed.

There isn't much difference regarding the actual buying process when you buy a car online from eBay vs Craigslist (or a boat for that matter). For both platforms, you will need to get your own financing, unless it is offered by the seller, and there is only one big difference.

When buying on eBay, you'll get the option to bid on a car instead of making an instant purchase. This can either work for you, or it can go against your plans. So, with eBay, you get more options in terms of how you want to buy the car.

Whenever you buy a car, a pre-inspection is essential to making sure it is in good condition. Wondering how long does a pre purchase inspection take? Read our handy car buyer's guide. (And don't miss these tips if you're buying a car online.)

In fact, there are some things you just shouldn't be buying from either of them. And the complications that come with buying a car, not to mention the risk of losing your money to a shady seller, should be considered thoroughly before any final decisions are made.

Lee went on to explain that when development started on the project back in 2014, the team was most interested in what made Maranello's engines tick. "We wanted a Ferrari 458 engine, to take a look at their components and see what they did," he specified. However, straight-up buying a 458 only to extract its engine apparently wasn't on the table that early in the development process. As a result, a more reasonable source for a test motor had to be found. "We were able to buy a wrecked car engine from Poland on Ebay," Lee explained. "We sent them a check for something like $25,000, and we were all pretty pleased and thrilled that the engine actually did show up."

Lee added that the team "didn't know how legitimate" the buying process was at the time. As far as shipping it went, the motor was simply delivered on a pallet, according to Chevy spokesperson Trevor Thompkins. And yes, they had it sent right to their doorstep at the company's Pontiac, Michigan engineering facility. Wonder if that raised any eyebrows in Poland.

Starting Tuesday, eBay visitors will be able to visit Web pages like and, where they can browse new 2008 and 2009 vehicles, ask dealers questions and figure out financing. Select 2010 models also will be available.

Mark LaNeve, GM's vice president of U.S. sales, believes that getting the auto maker directly involved in new online sales will give customers a larger sense of security about buying a car on the Web. Currently, many consumers research new cars online, but most still go down to a dealer to make the actual purchase.

For eBay, the program fits in with its strategy of growing its market for goods that are still new but not necessarily the latest models. It's also a chance to get more people interested in making new, large purchases on a site whose past is steeped in the sale of hard-to-find collectibles. The sale of used cars on eBay is already proof that consumers are getting more and more comfortable buying higher-priced items online, Chesney said.

2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Citation:EBay, GM to start trial program to sell new cars (2009, August 10)retrieved 2 April 2023from -08-ebay-gm-trial-cars.html This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further

NEW YORK ( -- It's not exactly buying a car online -- not yet. But General Motors' new eBay portal for its California dealers is a buyer's opportunity to avoid haggling face to face with a salesman, doing it byte to byte on a computer instead.

Under a new trial program launched Tuesday, more than 225 of the troubled automaker's California dealerships will list their inventory of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Pontiac cars and trucks online at

"You're still essentially buying from a dealership," said Jessica Caldwell, an auto industry analyst at automotive research Web site "It doesn't completely cut out the middle man, but is a step in that direction." 041b061a72


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