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Kama Sutra Book Sinhala

the kamasutra was composed by a great sage named vatsyayana and contains over 1,000 positions. the foremost objective of the kamasutra is to promote love. vatsyayana's teachings are practical and straightforward. he does not use rhetoric or flowery language, but offers clear instructions and detailed descriptions. his techniques and positions are not ambiguous, and often call for a partner to lay down on his or her back. as in the "real world", often the most basic positions are the ones that offer the most pleasure. this book explains the positions in detail, and provides information on what makes a particular position enjoyable and effective. the kamasutra is not an erotic novel; it is a practical manual of sexual positions and techniques.

Kama Sutra Book Sinhala

the kamasutra or kamasutra is a hindu treatise on the art of lovemaking. it is primarily a method of teaching the art of sexual gratification. vatsyayana's primary purpose is to inform others about the various physical positions which help men and women achieve sexual satisfaction and enhance their lovemaking.

the kama sutra is a book of sex positions. it is a manual of techniques and positions that can lead to greater pleasure and greater satisfaction. the book is not a manual of tantric practices; it is a manual of sexual positions, and is not about sexual practices. the book does not contain any sexual positions or techniques beyond those presented in the book. it is not an erotic novel.

the kamasutra is a classic work on the art of lovemaking and was written in sanskrit in the sanskrit language. it is the oldest text on the practice of lovemaking and is commonly known as the "kama sutra".


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