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Kuzma Khokhlov
Kuzma Khokhlov

Star Wars The Bad Batch 2x2

Father, veteran, and storyteller. A cunning warrior, the best star-pilot in the galaxy, and a good friend. The first installment of his superhero fiction book, TALES OF ADVENTURE & FANTASY, is available on Amazon in print and ebook!

Star Wars The Bad Batch 2x2

A spin-off of the hugely popular series The Clones Wars, The Bad Batch wasn't the first direction fans were expecting the universe to go. With all the characters and lore in the show there are countless other areas to explore. However those that know best went with rag-tag clone troop 99 (the Bad Batch). Introduced in the once cancelled, eventually revived (thanks to the streaming wars) The Clone Wars Season 7. Their four episode arc in the final season was well received and the spin-off was born.

The ship featured in the set is actually called the Havoc Marauder, I'm guessing the name hadn't been decided upon when LEGO started the design process. In fact, as is common with LEGO sets based on materials yet to be released, the model also has some inconsistencies with the ship featured in the show. However they are minor and overall I think LEGO have executed the ship well. 041b061a72


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