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Buy Motorcycle Batteries Online !FREE!

Go the distance with a powerful motorcycle battery direct from J&P Cycles. We're you're one stop shop for motorcycle batteries from top brands like BikeMaster, Drag Specialties, Duraboost, Parts Unlimited, Shorai, Twin Power, and Yuasa. You'll experience ultra-high cranking amps and superior vibration resistance in our selection of motorcycle batteries online, and modern batteries are lighter than ever so they won't weigh your bike down with unnecessary bulk. Searching for a battery for an older motorcycle? We stock older 6V battery models as well. Once you decide on the right battery, click over for can't-miss accessories like Motorcycle Battery Chargers and Motorcycle Battery Charger Accessories direct from

buy motorcycle batteries online


You don't want your battery to hold you back when it's time to race or ride. At, you'll find only the best replacement motorcycle batteries from today's leading brands: Scorpion, Motocross by Yuasa, Shorai, and Antigravity Batteries. Our replacement motorcycle batteries are designed to replace the OEM battery for popular manufacturers such as BMW, Honda, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, along with many more!

For those interested in lithium batteries, we offer three manufacturers: Shorai, Scorpion Stinger, and Antigravity Batteries. The Battery Finder will pull these up automatically if they fit your application. All these batteries are meant to work with the original stock charging system and provide high-cranking performance when used in moderate climate conditions. The benefit of lithium batteries is their superior cranking ability in a lightweight design, which has made them popular in the racing community, such as motocross.

Once you find the battery verify the dimensions against your custom applications battery box to ensure fitment. If the battery will not fit or you are unsure of the application your engine came from, we have a motorcycle battery size chart to help you find the right-sized battery.

At, our sealed non-spillable AGM motorcycle batteries come to you fully charged, tested, and ready to install. Most orders will ship the same day if ordered before 1:30 PST, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). We provide our customers with timely order processing because we know the importance of getting your bike back on the road!

Consumer Editor of Bennetts BikeSocial, John's owned over 20 bikes, has been testing motorcycle kit for more than 25 years and is a member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, and part of the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group.

In your motorcycle engine the active component that makes it run is gasoline combined with air; that fuel explodes within a controlled space (the cylinder), pushes down the piston and ultimately causes the wheels to turn. Twist the throttle and you go faster, but you also burn fuel faster.

Over-charging, either because the bike has a faulty regulator/rectifier or because the owner is using an inappropriate charger, is next on the list; when overcharged, lead-acid batteries generate excessive hydrogen and oxygen that will escape the battery, depleting the electrolyte.

Some modern motorcycles have two-stage charging systems and could reduce the charging voltage below 14V once it has returned the power used during cranking of the engine. A higher charge level is typically seen on older bikes / systems, with up to 15V considered the absolute maximum acceptable level. Anything over that and your battery will be in trouble quickly.

Car batteries are physically much bigger than motorcycle batteries, so they need a more powerful charger. At the most basic level, it would take days to recharge a car with a motorcycle charger, but a car charger could potentially overwhelm a bike battery and cause it to overheat and fail.

Also, some lithium batteries have a built-in protection system called a BMS (battery management system) that shuts off power to the battery posts if the voltage has dropped too low (usually below 8-9V). To reset the BMS and recharge that battery you need a specialist lithium charger like the OptiMate Lithium 4s 0.8A, which can even save that battery from as low as 0.5V.

Time-proven performance, a wide selection of applications, and maintenance-free construction make the Yuasa High-Performance AGM battery an excellent overall choice for replacement motorcycle batteries. This Yuasa YTX14AHL-BS has endured five years of seasonal use and over-winter storage, and it still passes the test. The battery case is tough yet flexible enough to withstand cracks or damage, and the absorbed glass mat internals delivers maximum efficiency.

We charged up the Mighty Max in low amperage mode and installed it in the Honda. Rugged steel terminals allowed for more bolt torque than the softer lead post types, and the blue bruiser kicked over the DOHC Honda 4-banger with authority. Gel electrolyte technology has its advantages. The battery can be mounted in any position, withstand repeated deep cycle discharging, and endure more extended storage periods than conventional flooded or vented batteries.

We've chosen the Yuasa High-Performance AGM battery as the best overall motorcycle battery. This model is maintenance-free, has plenty of power, stands up to extreme weather conditions, and has a life expectancy of at least five years. If you're on a semi-tight budget but still want a battery that's going to last, check out our value pick, the Yuasa Yumicron.

There's a battery on the market for every motorcycle. To ensure that you get the best battery for the kind of riding you do, I've put together a buying guide that outlines the main types and features to consider before buying a motorcycle battery. You'll also find some information on what you can expect to receive at various price points. Check out the buying guide below, and if you still have some questions, take a look at the FAQs section or leave a comment below.

The flooded or wet cell lead-acid battery was invented in 1859 and is still the most common type of rechargeable battery today. Lead plates swim around in a soaking bath of liquid sulfuric acid electrolyte so the electrons can work their magic. Flooded lead-acid batteries have the low-cost advantage but require topping off with distilled water to replenish the electrolyte and prevent internal damage to the lead plates.

Mixing silica into the electrolyte and turning it into gel results in a highly stable, maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid battery. The viscous electrolyte recombines gases and vapors back into itself and maintains its jelly grip on the electrons without adding water. Gel batteries can be mounted upside down or in any orientation and endure more deep discharge cycles than their liquid electrolyte lead-acid cousins.

The latest generation of motorcycle batteries relegates lead-acid batteries to history with ultra-lightweight dry cells that punch out power above their weight. LiFePO4 motorcycle batteries can weigh 80 percent less than their lead-acid equivalents. Lithium Iron Phosphate cells are far safer and more thermally stable than their Li-Ion relatives that power cell phones and other low-current devices.

Polarity, battery terminal orientation, and vent exhaust location are a few more pieces in the motorcycle battery selection puzzle. This battery is a direct replacement for the Yuasa battery that came with the CB900F in 1982. The L and A2 mean the positive terminal is on the left front side with the battery installed. The vent hose connects to a clip on the right side battery box door.

You can get a motorcycle battery for under $90 that'll do a decent job, but you'll mostly be restricted to lead-acid batteries. So, batteries at this price point might not last as long, could need some maintenance, and won't be well suited to adventure-style riding. Once you venture above $90, you'll find maintenance-free AGM, gel, and lithium iron phosphate batteries, which should last longer than lead-acid batteries and be safer if you like off-roading.

We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

Since 2008, we have been building the world's best lithium motorcycle batteries. Our clients and customers have won countless championships in every discipline of motorcycle racing, and at every level, from Junior Motocross, to the FIM World Superbike Championship. This did not happen by accident.

We made no performance compromise in the design of our Pulse batteries. Our customers, like Red Bull KTM, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna, MV Augusta, Vance & Hines, and Aprilia Racing demand the absolute best from their equipment, and we deliver.

Our Pulse IPT motorcycle battery line represents a clear evolution to the latest available technology, backed by a decade of proven success in building the best lithium motorcycle batteries available. Now, every Powersports vehicle owner can get a direct fit, high quality lithium battery that will outlast stand the test of time.

In Supercross, motocross, road racing, drag racing, land speed, flat track, sled, Hillclimb, ice racing, and other disciplines, our accomplishments are simply unmatched in the lithium motorcycle battery industry. Our records bear testimony to our reputation as a leading motorcycle batteries supplier.

We build the world's best lithium motorcycle batteries. Whether you're a professional racer, weekend warrior, touring, or adventure rider, Full Spectrum Power has a direct fit lithium motorcycle battery for you.

Motorcycle batteries provide a burst of energy to the engine so the motorcycle can start and run. It is smaller than a car battery, but functions the same.[1]XResearch source Since it is smaller and lighter than a battery found in an automobile, it often costs less. However, motorcycle batteries need to be maintained and replaced the same way car batteries do. Buy motorcycle batteries from your mechanic, at auto supply stores or online. 041b061a72


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