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Download YouTube Xbox 360 RGH: How to Enjoy YouTube Content on Your Modded Console

Can someone provide the latest youtube app for xbox360 ?? 423607D3 title id. I have on my xbox360 console an old version from 2011 title id - 423607D1. In may 2014 Microsoft anunoced that netflix; hulu and youtube app will work without xbox live gold services. I'm using netflix on my 360 and is working great. I would like to try youtube app. I'm not using other metods to enter online with my rgh to download the youtube app because i have an xbox one on the same network and i don't want to be baned. and for phoenix team keep up the good working and sorry to mention about online on jtga/rgh

download youtube xbox 360 rgh

Download File:

No one is going to help you get apps, even free ones on this site. It is still piracy, which we dont support. Now, I know what you are thinking, someone released the netflix app on this site. Yes, you are right, and we let it slide, since it is a free app, but if every thing that people requested got posted on this site, then we would all start getting in trouble sooner rather than later. Also, different countries have different laws, about what is legal, and what isnt. That being said, we try to toe the line. Sure Freeboot, isnt technically legal, neither is aurora, or FSD, or any of that stuff, it is different, as that was written by the community, and shared. We dont release microsofts code, or the XDK, with the apps. All that xebuild does is patch the code, that you get from microsoft, and then build an encrypted image with the patched versions of the code. It is more of a grey area in most countries. It has been brought up before, to have a free app store included in aurora, but as long as xbox live is still working on the 360, it probably wont happen. Best bet is to download it using a retail xbox, or to install a dual nand.

After searching for a bit on the internet for a solution to open youtube without xbox live after the 7 day trial from teapot live, and not finding anything So i wanted to post about it here in case someone is facing the same thing.:

Hi!1)When i am TU on one game(ex.Minecraft) I dont get new features and other stuffs on that game(i even dont have creative mode) but thats for all games on my Xbox,i download all TU and still everything is in old,how to fix??2)I have LiNK problem,on connecting everything passes(even ports) but when i want to play on multiplayer(system link) i cant i mean i really cant ex. on cod ghosts it says unable to connect to host,on diablo 3 i cant even find avaliable hosts when i am connected to room on system link,how to fixx???


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