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Talking Angela 2: How to Explore the Big City with Your Stylish Cat

Angela is a white Burmilla cat who first appeared wearing only a purple-colored scarf when she was first introduced in the original cartoon. But, The outfit she wore throughout the Talking Tom and Friends cartoon consisted of a simple pink shirt with a white heart imprinted on it and a pair of blue jean shorts, being the only one to wear clothes constantly. Sometimes in talking tom and friends, she is seen wearing other outfits too. In Season 4, she wears a purple tank top with a pink top over it and a hot pink heart on it and denim shorts. She wears pink ballet flat shoes.

talking angela

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Then how can there be millions of people on this app talking Angela and have some weird pedo talking to them all at once? I don't think outfit 7 would hire over a million pedophiles to look and find people's names and ages

Savannah Blockley wrote, "If you look in her eyes you can see an old man and when I covered my camera she said "Please move your thumb from the camera." She asks you private questions and takes pictures and videos of you, you don't know that but believe me, it's true! no lie, I would recommend that you uninstall this app, and don't get any talking friends apps. If you want any more information off me, please contact me."

But one review by Javier Santiago said the opposite, "I downloaded this app to see what was the fuzz about. I didn't see no "old men" in her eyes. Another thing is how can one person be looking at 500+or more people at the same time and be talking, taking pictures, asking questions and be keeping track? I'm sure if theirs a pedo behind the cat's eyes, this app would of been taken down by the FBI, it would of been on the news already. But I'm going to uninstall it because I'm too old for this."

I couldn't believe my eyes. I put my hands on my head and ran my fingers through my hair as I exhaled deeply. I felt my throat burning, then I started throwing up all over myself. I put my hands over my mouth and ran to the bathroom. My mind was completely blown. I changed shirts, then picked my phone up off the floor. Angela was talking to the girl. The chatbot software must have taken over when I left. After a few minutes I regained my composure, so I went back to the list of numbers and decided to click on a few. Most led to nothing. A docked phone looking at a bedroom, the ceiling, or something I couldn't make out. I felt really weird looking through other people's smartphone cameras. Despite that, I copied a random string of numbers and decided to share it on a client server.

I decided to visit the link to see what was there. It was an old, fat guy playing talking Angela and masturbating at the same time. I threw my head away and said "Ugh, god" in disgust. I closed the application. I put my elbows onto my desk and held my head in my hands as I frazzled my hair. I couldn't fully understand any of this. Why would people think this way and do this to children? This whole situation is absolutely disgusting, and now I'm looking through cameras at little boys and girls, too. The mere thought of it was enough to make me sick. I felt ashamed because I had messed with the app so much. I'm going to call the Police and tell them everything.

My Talking Angela includes all the iconic, innovative features that has brought the Talking Tom and Friends app franchise global acclaim in recent years. This cute kitty will talk back to fans and react to tickles and nudges in Angela's comic fashion. Learn more about Angela by visiting -angela/.

The girls told the talking Angela app, the innocent cat as they thought on Saturday their names and she had a brother and then on Monday morning when angelica turned the app back on, it had remembered her name and that she had a brother.

These talking animal apps allow the user to take screenshots to be shared via Facebook and Twitter. This is supposedly the only real ability of the user to show his or her face, and this is supposedly only shared to Facebook or Twitter, and nowhere else.

i downloaded tom and angela app downloaded and installed in my phone for my nieces.sometime i open this app is auto laughing without touching and talking any one.i m so amazing in my i want to know about auto voice recording was saved past talking n action in this app

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Talking tom and angela are not possessed, but hackers using remote access to your device. The permissions give access whenever they want to view using your camera. A programmer discovered that there is a chatbot program in the app ( the interactive, interrogative questions) and there is an independent code for client server, str(send to receive). STR is the chat line used by pedophiles to send a a device code( 12-16 digits, letters and numbers) to others on the client server. Once activated, a device server number in a command line give remote access to a group of pedophiles that see through the camera, and other devices with the app. the permissions allow it. Angela or tom will say remove your thumb from the camera. It is interactive to locate the persons using the app. The 7 yr old kidnapped girl and the app is not coincidence. Do not download the app. The company is wrong, there is a HACKER VERSION APP on the internet. It is possible for a chatbot to receive and record video of many users at once.

Talking Angela is a female character from the roster of Outfit7(App developer)She typically has white coat, white ears with a pinkish underside, black eyelashes, blue eyes, a pink nose, her paws have small class and soft pink pawpads.All features can be changed in my_talking_angela 1, 2 and chatterbot app Talking angela.Angela is typically featured with the cast of talking_friends and talking_tom_and_friends_(series)


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