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Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson


3 pieces of work featured on Chaos Cloud's 2022 showreel.Chaos Cloud is all about simple, fast, and smart cloud rendering. Here is a short collection of some of the awesome projects rendered on Chaos Cloud.


MPC Film has recently released its latest showreel for films & series for 2022, featuring their work on Godzilla vs. Kong, The Last Duel, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Lost in Space, Wheel of Time, Nightmare Alley, and a lot more.

In this astonishing showreel, you can watch the battle between Godzilla and King Kong, medieval Knights fight, world war battles, gunfights & explosions, spider man battle with Doctor Otto Octavius, strange creatures from many other movies plus many more.

Lean back, grab some popcorn and enjoy our latest showreel! This time we're heading back to the 80s and pay tribute to the sitcoms of that era. And, of course, provide an overview of our most recent animation works.This is the newest of our showreels which entertainingly explore a wide variety of film genres. 041b061a72


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