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10 Second Ninja Free Download

10 Second Ninja X is a 2016 platformer video game developed by GameDesignDan and Four Circle Interactive, and published by Curve Digital. 10 Second Ninja X is a sidescrolling puzzle platformer. The game follows a ninja who must destroy robots at high pace within a set time frame of 10 seconds. Every level is set with a timer, with the player having to finish the level within 10 seconds. The player has several attacks, including a projectile, that has limited capacity. Each level finishes when the player has destroyed all targets onscreen. The game features different star ratings for completed levels, with higher stars given for completing the missions in faster times.

10 Second Ninja Free Download

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A.J. Maciejewski (crazyaejay): Thanks for reading my review of 10 Second Ninja X. Feel free to ask any questions about the game or provide feedback and I'll gladly reply. By the way, there sure are a lot of ninjas on the site today...

Why is all this happening - Ninjas and robots? The Ninja is world renown for being the best in the world, but Captain Greybeard wants to test your mettle. He thinks it's all talk, and so has kidnapped the ninja and turned all his forest pals into robots. In order to gain freedom for the ninja and his friends, each level must be passed in ten seconds or he's a big fat loser and his forest friends stay nibbling circuit boards indefinitely. There's a nice little throwback to Sonic the Hedgehog in this (however intentional) that when you defeat a robot, it frees an animal from within the robot shell.

10 Second Ninja X is a hardcore sidescroller, developed by Four Circle Interactive and published by Curve Digital. It puts you in the robes of a ninja, tasked with killing all enemies on a level in 10 seconds or less. The game is exhilarating, and it can be played in short bursts, testing your reflexes.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'ginx_tv-leader-1','ezslot_5',137,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-ginx_tv-leader-1-0');Read more: Conquer the world in Civilization VI - now free on Epic StoreA description of 10 Second Ninja X reads: "10 SECOND NINJA X is a shockingly fast, overwhelmingly intense action/puzzle game. In this thumb blistering sequel, the nefarious Captain Greatbeard has kidnapped you and trapped your forest friends inside of his army of robots like some kind of psychopath.

You're a ninja, there are robots, you've got ten seconds to destroy them all.10 Second Ninja is a series of hardcore platformers developed by Four Circle Interactive, built around speedrunning through short levels. As the name suggests, you have ten seconds to pass a given level by destroying all of the robot enemies within. Fortunately, being a Ninja, you have great dexterity, a sword, and a handful of shiruken at your disposal.

The first game features the world's first ninja taking on Nazi robots from space across five locales. The second game, 10 Second Ninja X, has a more fleshed-out plot where a forest-dwelling guardian ninja is kidnapped by a pirate captain and forced to run through a gauntlet of challenges.

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