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Watch Gossip Girl S05E11

At Juilliard, Rufus tracks down Lily. He explains that singing karaoke by himself got boring and so he called Andrew Tyler, who wouldn't reveal where Charlie was. So he hired him to track down Lily, which is when he finally admitted Charlie is enrolled at Juilliard. Lily says she just wants to know she's okay, and they decide to ask the security guard about her. Before they can, Lily spots a blonde girl and calls out to her. She turns around and Lily realizes she isn't Charlie. She apologizes and says she was looking for Charlotte Rhodes, but the girl says that's who she is but people call her Lola. Rufus explains they were looking for a different Charlotte Rhodes and Lily realizes there might have been two of them. They leave to go home. Back at the party, Louis finds Blair in the restroom. He apologizes for not trusting her, and that he thought she was having an affair with Dan but Serena told him Blair was just helping cover their relationship. Louis admits he feels she's further away than ever, and Blair confesses that her real secret is that she's converting to Catholicism so they can be married in the church. They leave to go celebrate with everyone else. Elsewhere at the party, Nate's assistant introduces him to Greg, the man who drove the car during the accident. Greg says he told the cops all he knows, which was that the photographers were very close to the car but the real problem was that his breaks felt like they had no pressure, but that he checked them before his shift started. Meanwhile, Dan apologizes to Chuck about not telling him about his relationship with Serena sooner. Chuck says that while their relationship explains the sneaking around, it doesn't explain why Blair cut him out of her life. Dan swears he doesn't know, but Chuck doesn't believe him. Blair thanks Serena for keeping her secret, and Serena replies that she's willing to make the sacrifice but she doesn't think Blair is making the right choice. Louis then shows up and encourages Serena to find Dan before midnight. The clock strikes midnight, and both Dan and Chuck longingly watch Blair and Louis kiss.

Watch Gossip Girl S05E11

Derena Part...We've Lost Count: Dan and Serena will continue fake-dating in the coming episodes to protect Blair, and Safran tells us, "The fake dating starts out meaning more to Serena than it does to Dan." But will Dan possibly fall for his ex-girlfriend/step-sister again? "You'll have to watch and see," he teases. "Old patterns die hard!"

Loved your recap as always.Honestly I have to admit that I enjoyed it a lot more than the episode lol. I mean I'm rooting for Jinkx but I've always liked Roxxxy.Even if I didn't I don't find it fun to watch behavior like that by a person or to a person and I thought the way they edited the episode almost made it seem like WE were supposed to laugh at Jinkx. It was in bad taste and definitely not ALL Roxxxy's fault(although some of the things she said came of way harsher than what I think she intended so I think her apology was appropriate and I appreciated it.What bothered me as well is that it seemed like BOTH Jinkx and Roxxxy suffered from some sort of "regression" if you will. We had already seen the "Jinkx is an underdog" story line play out: the rest of the queens underestimated and doubted her but she stuck to her guns while learning to refine and polish her look to impress the judges and she triumphed,the queens recognized her as a threat and so on; Roxxxy was taking her insecurities out on Jinkx BUT she apologized for it right after, and by episode 9 clearly recognized Jinkx's talent and voiced those thoughts on the runway and seemed to be on an uphill climb competition wise then suddenly it's like they both went right back to square one and now we need to see it play out all over again and it's just tiring and it made me frustrated with both of them.Basically the only person the editing was really in favor this episode is Alaska.The problem is even though she's done well and deserves it just as much as the other girls I really doubt Ru'll give her the win so I'm still rooting for Jinkx and I hope she'll really kill it in the finale 3 episode so that I can forget this one. 041b061a72


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