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Where To Buy Tulip Bulbs In Holland Mi

Tulips came to Holland, Michigan with Dutch settlers. In 1927, a biology teacher for Holland High School recommended a day festival at a Woman's Literary Club meeting. The idea caught on and the city sold bulbs for a penny to residents in 1928, resulting in the first Tulip Time event in 1929. The Detroit News of 1933 documents that these early years tulips bulbs were purchased through Nelis Tulip Farm.

where to buy tulip bulbs in holland mi

Order the highest quality tulip bulbs directly from us. We place our order for tulip bulbs directly with the growers in the Netherlands in July, and import them in late September. Arriving at your home just in time for planting before winter's hard frosts, for beautiful color in the Spring of 2023.

Holland's only tulip farm is ablaze with acres of tulips from late April to mid-May. Veldheer farms began in 1950 when Vern Veldheer planted a couple hundred tulip bulbs as a hobby. Now, Veldheer's plants around 5 million tulip bulbs each year! In addition to tulips, there are several other imported flowers and perennials for you to enjoy and even purchase for your own garden. Several varieties of lilies bloom throughout the spring and summer, and you can enjoy the beautiful perennial gardens through mid-October. Veldheers is a must visit for garden and floral enthusiasts!

K. van Bourgondien has offered Dutch bulbs and perennials for more than 175 years. The family-owned company was started in Hillegom, Holland, in 1845 as a grower of tulips and other flower bulbs. By the 1880s, the family offered bulbs through commercial catalogs.

In 2022, the fee was $10 cash per 5-gallon bucket (bring your own bucket.) Residents and visitors were invited to dig tulip bulbs from designated areas at Centennial Park, Window on the Waterfront Park, and Windmill Island Gardens. Stay tuned for details on the 2023 Community Tulip Dig.

Tulip bulbs are planted in the autumn before the ground freezes. By planting varieties with different bloom times, you can have tulips blooming from early to late spring. Some types are good for forcing into bloom indoors and most are excellent for use as cut flowers, too.

My tulips have now finished flowering. Waiting for leaves to die down I have noticed that four of them have something that looks as if it has a seed pod where the flower was. Is it worth taking them off and planting them ?

2. Enjoy the Public Parks: Tulips are bursting out of every public park in Holland this time of year, but you especially do not want to miss Window on the Waterfront Park and Centennial Park. Window on the Waterfront offers a spectacular expanse of tulips, and the sheer volume of blooms all in one place make it feel like the very center of the Tulip Time festivities. You will find various stands in the park for ordering tulip bulbs and purchasing souvenirs. While there, you will want to stroll over to the boardwalk area overlooking Lake Macatawa for a lovely view.

4. Take a Stroll Downtown: Downtown Holland is beautifully festive before, during, and after Tulip Time, boasting more than 38,000 tulip bulbs in the shopping district. Enjoy numerous tulip gardens planted along the main streets as you window shop the Dutch-themed souvenirs at the local boutiques.

Breakfast is included this morning. A short drive this morning brings us to Holland. We will drive the tulip lanes before our first stop at the Veldheer Tulip Gardens (25 acres of tulip fields) - a good place to buy tulip bulbs. Then on to Windmill Island with many tulips and things to see. We will visit Dutch Village before we head back to downtown Holland. Lunch is included today. This afternoon, we have reserved seats for the grand finale of the festival - Volksparade. This parade has nearly 50 bands, floats, giant helium parade, Klompen Dancers, and much, much more. Dinner is included tonight.

The community is invited to help the city plant 85,000 tulip bulbs at Window on the Waterfront. There will be four different times that the public can help: Friday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., and Saturday at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Tools will be provided, but you might want to bring your own gardening gloves. Participants also need to sign up online.

Flower bulbs are truly special things. Unlike seeds, bulbs contain everything that the flower needs to thrive regardless of the season. They store energy from one season to the next, allowing the flower to grow and bloom rapidly and easily. Many gardeners choose bulbs over seeds because of the convenience and ease associated with these special growth systems. Buying online is convenient, easy, and promises that your bulbs will arrive intact. In this article, we'll show you 40 places where you can purchase tulip bulbs for your own garden.

The super online retailer Amazon has everything that you need to create a beautiful garden in the spring, summer or fall. They've got an incredible assortment of colorful tulip bulbs for you to choose from. Now, all you need to do is decide what assortment you want to plant! The review system on is a great resource for discriminating gardeners who want to be 100% sure that they are making the right investment when they purchase their flower bulbs.

This retailer provides a truly comprehensive shopping experience for those searching for the highest-quality tulip bulbs. You're allowed to sort your search based on what, exactly, you are looking for. Holland Bulb Farms sells dozens of different tulip bulbs, which is perfect for gardeners seeking a bit of variety. You can even purchase variety packs of flowering bulbs from Choose a single type of tulip or mix it up - either way, you can't go wrong buying from this valuable resource. sells tulip bulbs at exceptional prices that you're not going to see anywhere else. When you purchase through this website, you get bulbs at wholesale prices, which is hard to say about other tulip bulb retailers today. The more you buy, the more you save! Also, has broken down its selection into highly specialized categories. This way, you see only what you want without a bunch of other, irrelevant options cluttering your screen. Visit the site weekly to check out their ever-changing specials!

White Flower Farm specializes not only in the cultivation and shipment of high-quality tulip bulbs but also the hybridization process that brings to life new variants of tulip bulbs. This website is an incredible find for the fact that it offers over 100 different types of tulips for you to choose from. Select a new favorite or a classic that's dear to your heart! Alternatively, you can purchase a variety pack that will fill your flower beds with exploding blossoms of vibrant color. is second to none in their offerings.

If you're looking for tulip bulb mixes to bring some much-needed flair to your flower garden, look no further than Eden Brothers! Their large selection enables customers to purchase any variety (and variety pack) of tulip bulbs that they could ever want. From pastels to vivid primary shades, sells exactly what you've been looking for. You may even find some surprising additions that you just won't want to wait to add to your garden.

This flower bulb wholesaler is the perfect find for gardeners looking for an impressive number of tulip bulbs. You can purchase a single type of tulip or a wide assortment sold in a single package - whatever your heart desires. is another excellent resource for gardeners looking to showcase the true versatility of tulips and their colors.

Bulbs Direct provides a wide assortment of seasonal bulbs, including a breathtaking array of tulips, straight from the grower to your garden. With dozens of single and mixed tulip bulb options available to you, you can get exactly the right color and type of tulip to give your garden the punch of color that it needs. is a fantastic resource for anyone who's serious about creating a beautiful garden. ships high-quality flower bulbs from Holland, where they have been cultivating the most beautiful floral selections since 1818. Breck's offers one of the widest assortments of tulip bulbs that you'll ever see, including variety packs packed with complimenting colors. You don't have to settle for tulips that look great, but you don't exactly want. At Breck's, you have access to exactly what you want for your garden.

Not only does sell a grand variety of colorful spring tulips, they truly stick to their word of selling bulbs that are high-quality and easy to grow. With dozens of options available to you, your garden is going to look its best when these bulbs flourish into stunning blooms. If you're unsure about which tulip is the perfect fit for your garden, there is a customer service representative for you to chat with, right on the website.

When you buy from American Meadows, you have one of the largest varieties of tulip bulbs accessible at your fingertips. You can purchase sets of bulbs as small as 8 and as large as 30 if you choose one of the incredible variety assortments at As you browse the website, you get to narrow down your criteria to fit the exact specifications that you need to transform your garden into a springtime paradise.

Tulips are the heart and soul of springtime, and John Scheepers is a tulip bulb retailer that realizes this fact. From classic tulips to breathtaking hybrids, sells an incredible assortment of tulip bulbs. To accompany the bulbs sold through the website, they also offer useful tips to help you get the most out of your gardening endeavors.

This bulb wholesaler ships directly from Holland to your garden, and they have since 1946. With over 200 varieties of tulip bulbs available, you're guaranteed to find the proper fit for your budding garden. When you buy from, you get to choose from a selection of classics, hybrids, and bundles of assorted tulip bulbs.

Michigan Bulb Co. sells high-quality and in-season tulip bulbs for your garden. You can purchase as few as 5 of your favorite tulip variety, or you can get your hands on an impressive variety pack of 50 bulbs. For springtime gardens big and small, has everything that you need to cultivate the perfectly colorful space. 041b061a72


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