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Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson

Jazler Radio Star 2 Cracked 2 __HOT__

jazler greatly reduces the manual work involved with setting up your station while giving you the ability to create a very professional station. station id's (programmed) create a database of all the id's so you can switch between stations instant and automatically.

Jazler Radio Star 2 Cracked 2

jazler has a second host with its own database allowing you to switch between the main host and host 2 to playout your station/s. jazler has a wide range of stats so you can see your traffic, transitions, play rates etc. jazler also gives you the ability to view your download stats and the percentage of streams purchased from your clients.

your client (your cdn) are able to connect to jazler, add commercials and voicetracks and playout these streams from their servers. jazler can also allow you to setup a cdn server, connecting jazler to the server directly, reducing the load on your server, or connection.

jazler has a great option to import radio live streams or voicetracks from a 3rd party server (youtube, youtube audio, myspace music etc.). while doing this jazler will import the file to the radio server and playout the voicetracks. after clicking save you can load them into jazler.

jazler radio has the ability to pre-record radio stations, adding the hosts songs and voicetracks. jazler can even record station ids, play out either the jingle during the playout (interruption), it's live (no interruption), or give a volume drop using the rss file format. jazler now also has the option to record voiceovers for playingout the same way.

the station takes the playedout station and manipulates the rss v1.7 file to add the jingles and voicetracks. you can have multiple guests jingles, all with their own selectable ratings and a name, depending on the amount of guests you setup. you can even give each host a unique settings. jazler will find your hosts songs and voicetracks in the rss file and audiofiles.


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