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Internships are a pivotal moment in everyone’s life. They are often your first encounter with a professional environment, where you come across the pressure of deadlines, meetings and interactions with different people from diverse backgrounds. You must choose carefully; this will not define the rest of your professional career, but it is an excellent jumpstart to it.

Even the great Steve Jobs was an intern at the beginning – he did a summer internship with Hewlett-Packard and met his co-founding Apple partner Steve Wozniak there. Not bad, right?

So, why not treat this as a new adventure and make the most of it?

It is natural to think about doing an internship with an organisation that is geographically close to you as they are often the organisations you would have been exposed to. It is a fact that times have changed and the world is becoming more and more global with every passing moment. Why not treat our professional practice as a chance to travel and see how other cultures get things done?

According to William Nolting and his team at NAFSA, an international internship is defined as: “A short-term (one month to one year) work experience with an organization abroad that allows participants to apply theoretical classroom knowledge in a real-world setting, and gain a better understanding of a given field in a global context.”

Somewhere in the world, opportunities are around the corner for someone like you. There are internship program providers like us, who can help you find where you would like to go and secure an internship there.

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