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Intern in Germany

An internship in Germany offers you an opportunity to work for a German company while immersing yourself in their vibrant culture and economy! The area of Düsseldorf and Cologne, where we place our students, lies in the heart of many important industries including Business, Film, Media, Telecommunications, and Fashion. The region offers internship opportunities of all kinds and placements are customized to each individual’s area of study. A German internship also provides an excellent opportunity to visit neighboring countries and sample their cultures. Amsterdam and Paris are easily reachable by train as you take your weekends to explore the great cities of Europe!

Your internship placement will be customized to you and your goals in your chosen field, as well as your German language proficiency.  Your resume/CV and cover letter (describing the types of internship placements you would like and the skills you wish to work on during the program) are used to search for your placement.  Our placement coordinators work with a large variety of companies and the organization you are placed with will be determined by many factors including company needs along with your education, experience, and background. Internships are all Paid.

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