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1 year ago

Rakesh Pandey,

Thapar University,Punjab Engineering United Kingdom.

* Premium Internship Program* 2019

The highlight of my time in Shenzhen has been having the opportunity to meet such talented youths from across the states and the UK. Learning more about Chinese culture alongside my peers would be a once in a lifetime experience that I would continue to learn from and look back on. My time at my internship at a crowdfunding company has also pushed me to explore other sectors of the tech industry. I am also grateful to have gotten to know some of the coworkers at my office during these two months. Although much of the work that I did was not along the field that I am pursuing, I was able to equip myself with both hard and soft skills related to working at a startup.

Thanks for this Opportunity!

I would love to join this Internship Program by Internsflyabroad.govt.

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