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My first week has been amazing. I have never done an internship before, much less a remote internship. It has been an adjustment, but everyone (my supervisor, other teachers, the program coordinator, etc.) has been very friendly and supportive which I greatly appreciate! In my work, I am given a lot of creative freedom and flexibility to create my own assignments. As someone who enjoys hands-on projects, this couldn't be better. My supervisor actively stays in touch with me and answers any questions I have if I am confused or need guidance. Our weekly check-ins have helped solidify the work that I'm doing and help me feel all the more connected and a part of my NGO. My most memorable moment thus far was being added to the 10th grade English WhatsApp group. It was announced that I was added and the kids sent voice memos saying, “Hello Naomi ma’am. My name is ..... My mother’s name is ..... My father’s name is .... My hobby is .....” It was really special for me to get such a warm welcome. It’s amazing how connected I feel to everyone from halfway across the world. I couldn’t ask for a better placement and way to spend the summer. internsflyabroad.govt

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