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Minakshi Mondal , Pantnagar Dehradun , India. Successful Testimonials.  Minakshi : Pantnagar , Dehradun India.Europe internship  type: Internship country:Europe Internship field: Management internship : My Sales  internship role this Summer allowed me to be a business analyst for a company where I was able to access and understand various biotechnology projects. This internship is going to benefit me with my long term goals for entrepreneurship in the future. I am learning about how to read and create patents, and how to assess competition in a potential field that I may want to open/start a business in. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how friendly and open everyone was. If there was ever something I needed or I was confused about, there were numerous people at the company that I could go to, who were more than happy to help me. Even virtually , it was a very welcoming atmosphere.

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