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Chile is one of the most amazing destinations in the world for travelers, interns, and digital nomads. If you ever have the chance to live in Chile, don’t pass it up! The capital of Santiago is a perfect place to hone your professional experience, or even launch a career. Chile is also home to a huge international community. That makes it easy to meet other interns and travelers, find out about events, and get settled right in.

If you’re interning in Chile, you’ll probably spend a lot of time traveling. It’s truly a dream destination for anyone who loves adventure. World-class backpacking, rafting, hiking, biking, and more can be found all around the country. However, if outdoor adventure isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Chile has something for absolutely everyone. Food lovers can taste Chilean delicacies, including seafood and barbeques. Those looking for relaxation can check out gorgeous hot springs. Wine lovers can taste some of the best wine in the world, just outside Santiago. Take a road trip, relax on a beach, or explore some truly amazing museums.

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winter Intern Abroad Program 2021-22.

open for all students.

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