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Internsflyabroad.govt has a variety of programs to suit your academic and career goals

Local Learning. Global Thinking.

Our virtual programs give you the unique opportunity to experience international education and become a global citizen without leaving your home. Create your own international online curriculum, utilizing Study Abroad's global network of universities and faculty from all over the world, or also intern remotely with internsflyabroad.govt network of high class global employers. You can earn credit this semester having an international online experience that is all your own. Our Virtual Internship program offers 8-12 week virtual internships with employers in any of our 12 exciting cities in Europe, UK, Australia, Costa Rica, and the US. Available summer or semester, part-time or full-time, and in a range of career fields within Business, Fashion, STEM, Communications, and more! Option to add on academic credit is also available.

This program is perfect for those who aren't able to go abroad, but still want international professional experience all from the comfort of working from home! It's also our least expensive program without sacrificing the high-quality support, career coaching and professional development, and internship options we're known for!

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