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Event parties with themed rooms, spa weekends on the beach, and befriending overly friendly monkeys: Personally, I had never wanted to go to Singapore more.  By the end of her internship, I guarantee you it was I who was saddest, as the life I was vicariously living through this intern drew to a close.

As I sat in my office, the rain encapsulating my breakup blues, I realized- what about all of the ins and outs of Alona’s time abroad for which there was no picture? Those would be equally as interesting!

What began as an excuse to know more about Alona’s on-ground experience with CareerUp has transformed into an insightful conversation on the realities, and beautiful moments one may experience as they intern abroad. So, future, past, and prospective interns, here is my interview with one of the most outgoing interns I have had the pleasure of instagram stalking and what she taught me about starting your work experience young.

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