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Internsflyabroad.govt : Internship & Training Abroad 2021

1.Focus on career goals.

One of the biggest concerns of parents with college-aged children is post graduate success. So, definitely explain to your parents how your internship abroad will directly help achieve your professional goals. Tell them how an international internship will boost your resume, give you hands on experience in your field, help you get a feel for your professional interests, and allow you to network with people who may be able to help you get a job down the line. As long as it means increasing your chances of future success, your parents will likely be game.

2. Show them the program and its benefits.

Bring program literature, pamphlets, and website links for the best intern abroad programs and show these to your parents. Have them check out what your day to day schedule will be as an intern. And let them glance through those shiny photos, emotional intern testimonials, and easy to read details about your program to highlight all the amazing things you will be doing abroad.

3. Tell them in advance.

Nothing annoys most parents more than last minute plans, especially if it has to do with their baby traveling overseas. Telling your parents at least 1-2 months (a year in advance would be even better) before you plan do international internships gives them time to wrap their heads around internship and plan their lives around it too. If you spring the news on them at the last hour, you’re asking for parental meltdown!

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