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Internship Abroad by internsflyabroad.govt

I was drifting, hoping I would be okay and thinking things would maybe just fall into place.  I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do and college was coming to an end; I thought I probably wanted to be in marketing and sales, thinking I could potentially be pretty good at it.

I was directionless, with that thought all graduates have:

Oh, College is over.. What do I do now?

I really had no professional experience except helping my friend with his DJ work and I hadn’t really traveled. I didn’t want to go and spend all that money on classes and partying, so I wasn’t interested in studying abroad. Rather, I thought I would get out of my comfort zone and get that travel and cultural experience and work.

I was hypothetically asking myself a lot of questions.

program Fess @3770USD

mail I’d :

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