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Internship Abroad Program 2021-22 : Internsflyabroad.govt

How To Know Your Career Choice Is Right For You?

Answering Life’s Biggest Questions with intern Applicant Abroad.

Pop the phrase Feeling Lost in University into Google. Hundreds of pages of Quora, Reddit, Forums, and public blog posts emerge where University students from every part of the world unleash a massive weight into the universe— their truths.

“I am not sure I want to be on this path.”

“I have lost my drive to finish my degree.”

“I feel like I have nothing to offer.”

“I feel so lost and directionless.”

The most terrifying aspect of these realizations is that Google fails us. No one can affirm a path in life for another person, certainty comes from our own human experience and an awareness of what resonates with your passions, unique skills, and vision. There is a powerful quote by Ingrid Betancourtif which says,

“Once you don’t have freedom and you’re obliged to do many things you don’t want, and it becomes a routine, then your identity is at stake because you can feel that you are not anymore yourself, that you are what they want you to be and you can lose yourself.”

In school, everything we do is for a grade. The repetitive nature of obligatory assignments, studying, delivering, and judgement can- unsurprisingly- zap the passion out of classes. By year three, no wonder so many students feel their personal value dangles on a grade point average. What can I bring to the world as an innovative employee when my numerical value is only 3.2! Bonnie Wu, a London CareerUp intern, had also been questioning her herself over and over again: Was her school the right place for her? Was she really getting a true experience in class of the marketing world she thought she wanted to be in? Did she have what it takes to thrive in the competitive work world?

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