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Why Every MBA Should Intern Abroad

While many recognize the value of studying or interning abroad as an undergrad, the opportunity is just as valuable for graduate students, if not more!

I was fortunate to study abroad twice during undergrad and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to intern abroad now in grad school. MBA programs are notoriously fast-paced and jam-packed, leaving little room for much else but most require students to complete an internship. If any part of you is curious about interning abroad, then take a look at the reasons why I think every MBA should intern abroad.

1. International Experience

Firstly, every MBA should intern abroad for the international experience alone! In an increasingly globalized world, business students must have the cultural competence and global awareness to work with people from around the world.

An international experience within a professional environment such as an international internship is an ideal way to show current or future employers your ability to adapt and conduct business in another country.

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