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Natasha Tey : Bio medical Engineering

Natasha Tey - Sau -Paul

Internship type: Partial Remote

Internship country: Costa - Rica

Internship field: Bio medical Engineering

Internship: 27 Weeks

Program Fee : 4170 USD

The first week of my remote internship experience was very exciting. I had no idea what it would entail when I first started, but my supervisor was there to answer questions when I needed them. My main goal from this internship was to gain experience in a field that I have always been interested in and I definitely achieved that. Doing research with photo-ID has been something that intrigued me for a while and I was able to gain first-hand experience with it. My task was to devise a project that utilized photographic identification and present my findings. I was involved with assessing the data and coming up with a hypothesis that would be further studied. I chose seasonal variations within the Aegean Sea. I mapped the sightings and then categorized them by seasons. Then I divided the area in quadrants to get a representation of how many sightings of each season were in the quadrants. This provided more information on the dolphins within the study area as a short term benefit. This also could be a potential starting point for a longer term survey. If I were to stay in this position indefinitely, I would love to do further research on the seasonal variations of abundance and examine trends over a couple of years to assess the long term effects. I would also love to go more in depth about habitat preference and possible trends in that topic. From this remote internship, I now have experience I can use in future internships/jobs. I improved my communication skills and completed my first project that wasn't for school. From here, my goals are to gain more experience in this field with more internships. I want to learn as much as I can and I would love to expand my skills into other fields as well!

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