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Software Engineering Intern Testimonial 2021 : Internsflyabroad.govt

Kery Muin , Spain

Internship Filed : Software Engineering

Mode : Partial Intern Due to Covid -19 Pandemic

Position : Front End Developer

Region : Spain

Program Fee : $3770 USD ( Partial Intern My program fee was changed and Its only 1770USD)

I would participate in another Internsflyabroad.govt program if given the chance. The program was extremely affordable in comparison to the others available and yet in comparing my experience with friends who choose other programs,Internsflyabroad.govt never felt like a cookie cutter experience. It is true that it didn’t have as many excursions or trips, but I preferred the independence to explore the culture on my own. I was able to make my own experience and that was more rewarding then going on a packaged tour.” Internship Duration : 21 Weeks Program Fee : $ 3770USDACCOMMODATION & VISA Included.

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