Successful interns Testimonials.

Aya Hond - Romania. Internship country: Germany Internship field: MBA , Finance I completed a remote international five-week finance internship that dominantly involved the Financial work , Company Growth , Accounting & Business developer with translation of texts, audio scripts, and HTML code for a mindfulness.This internship contributed to my long term goals.The therapeutic communication skills I learned are especially useful when being mindful and sensitive to the preferences and comforts of the clients I will be working with in the future. The qualities of the language we learned to use and implement overlap with the patterns I observe within the programs. Everyone that I was in contact with during the internship process was so kind and made it very clear that I was welcome to get in touch with them and ask for help when I needed it. The advice I would give to someone coming into this internship (or any remote international internship) is to really take advantage of the amount of support you’ll have available, alo