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The Rise of Internship Abroad.

👀👀👀Universities.....are putting their money where their mouth is and investing in mobility experiences”

So with much at stake in the race to get a firm foothold on the global career ladder, students – and employers – are no longer content to accept subpar work placements. So what benefits can an international internship bring that a domestic one cannot? “Students often cite internships as a defining experience on a personal and professional level” “An internship abroad gives students an opportunity to experience business practices in another culture, learn a new language and expand their professional network in a supportive environment,” industry relations director at Sommet Education

in Switzerland, Claire Lecoq tells The PIE News. At two of the hospitality education group’s institutions, Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Lecoq explains that all undergraduate students are required to complete two internship semesters as part of their degree. Even though 95% of students come from an international background, Lecoq continues, the majority still choose to complete their internships in yet another country to further increase their global exposure. “Students often cite internships as a defining experience on a personal and professional level,” she says. “Between study abroad options and mandatory internship semesters, undergraduate students can live, study and work in up to five countries by the time they graduate.” In the client-facing world of hospitality, Lecoq points out, the importance of understanding different cultural nuances and developing people skills on an international scale is massively important. “Young people have become less accustomed to face-to-face interactions, meaning that candidates who perform well in such situations have a competitive edge in the job market.” But hospitality and healthcare are not the only areas turning to international internships to give students that boost towards their ambitions.

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