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Work in Europe @ 780 USD only ….. Boost your Resume while interning Abroad

Boost Your Résumé with an Internship Abroad

Our international internships are the career-making experiences you’re looking for: a summer or semester internship that boosts your résumé while showing you the world. What’s more, through our internship programs, you’re placed with a reputable company where you can have an impact. Gone are the days of getting coffee or making copies; with an IES® internship, you’re developing professional prowess and putting all of these years of education to real, professional use.

Engineering Internship opportunities available for ....

1.Mechanical Engineering Students

2.Civil Engineering Students

3.Computer Science Engineering Students

4.IT professional

5.Aerospace Engineering Students

6.ECE Engineering Students.

Internship Duration : 4 to 12 Weeks

Program Fee : 780 USD

Start Date : 17th December 2022

Application Deadline : 17th November 2022

Contact @

WhatsApp +91 8235913975

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