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Worried About Your Interview with Abroad Opportunities….

The interview process can be an overwhelming experience. It feels like your future depends on it. However, no matter how much effort you put into preparing for an interview, sometimes things go wrong. And that’s okay!Failing an interview doesn't have to be a complete loss. Consider a failed interview a "lesson learned" and apply the lesson to how you handle yourself in future interviews. There are several things you can learn from a failed interview:

1. Give Yourself Time After a Bad Interview

Take some time to reflect on the experience. A bad interview can leave you feeling frustrated and upset but don't dwell on it for too long. Remember: this is only one opportunity and there will be more.

2. Review your resume

Check back over it for mistakes. Consider making changes, correcting vocabulary, template, or any other mistake you could make. Ask a trusted friend – perhaps somebody in the same industry – to look over it too.

3. Be Honest with Yourself

Reflect if you had a good attitude during the interview. If you were rested and fully prepared and think back over your answers and take the time to come up with better ones for next time. Questions that may have taken you by surprise the first time won't be nearly as shocking next time.

4. Try a few practice interviews

Sit down with a trusted friend or mentor and ask them to ask you a few sample interview questions. Think of it as a real interview. The more prepared you are, the fewer surprises you will have during the actual interview. Ask for their feedback at the end of the mock interview.

5. Stay hopeful

Don’t beat yourself up. Resiliency is key at this stage. There are so many factors that influence an interview that is beyond your control. Take the time to feel the disappointment, process what happened, mull it over — then transition yourself into accepting what happened so you can let that interview go, and look forward to the next one, armed with everything you have learned through the process.

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