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Why do an internship abroad rather than studying abroad?

I want to start out by saying, if you have an opportunity to travel abroad, whether it is to study or intern, I highly recommend it! With that being said, here are 5 reasons why I chose to intern abroad rather than studying abroad.


Experience: At this point in my college career, I had not yet done an internship. At my university, an internship was required for my program. I wanted and needed the work experience that an internship would give me. Mix this with my desire to travel and I chose to intern abroad. An internship abroad will stand out on your resume, especially to global companies. You learn things that you just can’t learn in the classroom.


Recommendations: It is very important to have recommendations from professionals in your field. By establishing yourself as a hard-working and passionate intern, you will be noticed. A recommendation from your supervisor will show future employers how valuable you were as an intern.

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