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Common In Program Fees:

  • Support. When you are relocating for a summer internship, support represents those who do all the paperwork. They arrange your internship, handle your visa, and sometimes secure your flight and housing for your time abroad. 

  • Transition to life abroad. Some internship abroad programs have permanently based staff in locations so participants can still have support in their new country. As staff members, they are very knowledgeable about their cities and are equipped to give you tips and tricks to make your transition abroad easier. 

  • Placement at a reputable company. Organizations who specialize in internship abroad programs know this is why you’re here. As a result, each program makes sure their applicants are placed at the company that would give their professional experience and professional development the biggest boost. 

  • Activities/excursions. All work and no play? Not with these internship abroad programs. Programs often host excursions and activities to help students participate and get to know their new city and community. 

  • Room and board. Relocating for a summer internship is difficult and finding an affordable place to live close to your internship can be overwhelming. However your program can always assist with either suggestions or placing as a part of their service. 

  • Credit. Always check if your internship program will offer credits in exchange for your work. When internships do cost money it’s always great to check out the value you might get in return.

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