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Internship Student Review. Engineering, Automation, Electric Mobility Solutions sector.

Sakshi Gaur - Jaipur, India Internship type: Paid internship Internship country: Madrid Internship field: Engineering

Internship Provider: Internsflyabroad.govt

Co-ordinator : Samir My internship experience was interesting and enlightening. Originally, I thought I would be assigned things to do over email, however I spoke on the phone with one of the lawyers at the firm I was interning with and was provided

direct questions to research and answer before our next call. I liked this approach, as it enabled me the opportunity to relate and get to know the lawyers. The tasks were suited to my experience level and I was able to communicate when I had questions or concerns. The internship contributed toward the achievement of my long-term goals, as I gained experience in the law field. This experience helped me to decide whether or not I want to attend law school in the future. Before the internship, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to but now, I’m positive that I want to pursue this career field. I wanted to learn about what a career would be like in Manufacturing, Automation especially on the international scale,electri Mobility solutions and that is exactly what I was able to experience through this internship. The skills I learnt were a great introduction and will directly apply to my further education and an eventual career in law. During the engineering internship, based out of Madrid . I was very happy with my growth during this internship! My most significant learning point was to always research as much as possible. My supervisor kept saying that doing good research is the key to being a good lawyer and I truly think that advice will stick with me forever.

My internship duration is 42 weeks.

stipend is very good interns of inter.

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